Cheryl is set to "let the music do the talking" on her new album, as she continues to battle rumours about the state of her relationship with Liam Payne.

Pop producer Naughty Boy, real name Shahid Khan, has been working with the former Girls Aloud singer on her comeback material, and isn't shy when it comes to discussing his newest collaborator.

He's already let slip that Cheryl's been inspired by her 11-month-old son Bear, and now he's teased even more details about the singer's new music, admitting that she's ready to lay bare her emotions on the upcoming tracks.

"I feel sorry for Cheryl, because all she wants to do is make her music," he sighed to British paper Metro. "Sometimes I think it's people around her who might be selling stories. But I say to Cheryl, the music should do the talking, just let the song come out.

"She is making a real album about her life and emotions and people should focus on that more than what else is going on around her."

Cheryl's career has taken a back seat since welcoming Bear, though dad Liam, 24, has been busier than ever promoting his solo music. The former One Direction star's been hitting the promo trail hard, which has led to speculation of trouble in paradise between him and 33-year-old Cheryl.

However, Naughty Boy is certain the balance will be restored when Cheryl finally releases her new work.

"There is talk of Cheryl's album being a flop and the truth is that no one knows. I was actually blown away by her singing and her ability to write and be part of the song," he revealed. "I get a bit disheartened, because I just think people should just wait for the music. It will be worth the wait."

"She is negotiating a record deal right now but Cheryl is actually a real artist, otherwise I wouldn't be working with her," he added.