Moby missed his mother's funeral because he was hungover.

The dance music star and animal rights activist, who grew up an only child to a single mother after his father died in a drink-driving accident when he was two years old, lost his mother, who died of cancer, in 1998, a year before his hit album Play was released.

Moby, real name Richard Melville Hall, previously detailed his alcoholism in 2016 memoir Porcelain, but in an interview with British magazine NME the producer recalled a night of heavy drinking that left him too incapacitated to attend an important family event.

In the publication's feature Soundtrack to My Life, when asked what song he would like played at his funeral, Moby chose Cat Stevens' Morning Has Broken for poignant reasons.

"That was the song my mum had played at her funeral," he said. "I was too hungover and I missed it, so it would be an acknowledgement of that. Unsurprisingly, I'm sober now. It's clearly a sign that things aren't working out when you sleep through your mom's funeral."

Moby's mother is also linked to another of the songs the musician picked out for the feature. The 52-year-old chose Creedence Clearwater Revival's Proud Mary as the first tune he remembers hearing as he drove in the car with his mum.

"I have this very distinct memory of being in the car with my mom around 1969, and Proud Mary came on the radio," he shared. "I refused to get out of the car until the song ended, and I think at that point my mom should've figured out that I was going to spend my life as a musician - and that I was also probably an addict."