Rapper Big Sean has outlined plans to build a luxury movie theatre and concert venue in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

The Bounce Back hitmaker is known for giving back to his local community, and on Wednesday (28Feb18), he joined forces with Paul Glanz, owner of theatre company Emagine Entertainment, to announce a joint venture which they hope to open in 2020.

The Sean Anderson Theatre, which draws its title from Big Sean's birth name, will be a top-of-the-line multiplex with up to 1,300 seats, while the hip-hop star and Glanz also want to have space at the venue to hold live concerts and other events.

"We want to do something revolutionary with it," Big Sean explained. "We don't want to just make it a movie theatre, traditionally. We also want it to be a hub for entertainment for the whole community. We want people to have an incentive to go the extra miles, to travel into Detroit."

An exact location has yet to be unveiled, but the rapper insists it will be in the centre of Detroit in a bid to boost the economy after city officials filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

It's the latest new Detroit venture for Big Sean. He and his mother, Myra Anderson, also recently launched the Mogul Prep education programme, through which they aim to educate students about all of the jobs available in the music industry in a bid to help them forge lasting career paths.

"All I wanted to be was a musician, but if I had known these kind of things, who would have known the possibilities for me and my crew around me, and what we could have done to take it further?" he told Billboard. "I know the unemployment rates are super high in Detroit, especially for the young ones. We're trying to really help that out and give them clear career paths that are needed, and that they probably have natural talents for."

Meanwhile, Big Sean is also working hard on new material after deciding to postpone the start of his upcoming Unfriendly Reminder Tour earlier this week (begs26Feb18) so he could "stay focused" in the recording studio.