Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson describes his band as “very boring” admitting that the only drugs you will find backstage at an Iron Maiden gig are ‘Ibuprofen and Aspirin”.

Dickinson was a guest of Finland’s Huomenta Suomi television show on MTV3. He says, “we are very boring. The main aim for us is not to have a big party backstage. Its to have a big party on stage”.

The Iron Maiden rider sounds more like what you would find in the fridge of an retirement village. “We have a few beers for afterwards, some hard boiled eggs, bread,” he says. “Steve, our bass player, got into being super healthy so he has carrots and vegetables. He has a flight case that’s got stuff to make juice. We try and be pretty healthy”.

Dickinson also keep technology simple. He doesn’t use a smart phone instead choosing to stick to his old Nokia. “It’s really old, almost as old as me. I like it because the battery lasts a really long time,” he said.

“Bob Geldof has one as well and he is grumpy, a bit like me … two old grumpy guys. I was doing something and we went down to breakfast and I put my phone down and he went ‘no’. There’s a few secret people who have it. I should upgrade. I want to upgrade to the one that looks exactly the same. Nokia have remanufactured it with a bit more. It looks pretty much the same”.

Bruce Dickinson released his autobiography ‘What Does This Button Do?’ in October. Iron Maiden released ‘The Book of Souls: Live Chapter” in November 2017.