Octavia Spencer used to have a major peanut butter problem - she'd snack on it in her sleep.

The actress, who is currently promoting her new movie The Shape of Water, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (07Dec17) which was guest-hosted by her long-time pal Melissa McCarthy.

During the chat, Melissa brought up one of her favourite stories about Octavia, in which she once blamed a roommate for her disappearing stocks of peanut butter and spoons, when she was actually to blame.

"About 15 years ago I had a roommate. Sweet girl, but I thought she had a problem with spoons because there were never any spoons," the star recalled. "And I like to try to have my peanut butter, instead of having it on a sandwich, I like to lick it on the spoon - so it's you know, less calories... and for some reason, there was never any spoons and I was always running out of peanut butter."

Octavia became increasingly infuriated over the situation, as the nut spread was her "lifeline" as a young performer. Even though she had blamed her roommate for the mystery, the Oscar winner eventually found out that she was the actual culprit.

"It happened that I was spring cleaning and I had this cute little sleigh bed, so I was flipping it to turn the mattress. I found all of these spoons with peanut butter caked on them," the 47-year-old explained. "It wasn't the side of the bed that I slept on, so I was just rolling over to the other side, tucking my spoons underneath like a squirrel, in my sleep!"

Octavia added that she never told her roommate about her sleep disorder as she was "too embarrassed".