Singer Andy Grammer has a special connection to his new song Always because it was the lullaby he sang to his baby daughter to get her to sleep.

The track features on his new album, The Good Parts, and Grammer admits it's a special track that brings up very happy memories of his daughter Louisiana.

"I was singing that to my daughter right when she was born, and she was still kind of crying," he tells Billboard. "I’d put her in a little cart and do a lap singing that song to her.

"It’s very sweet and emotionally connected to me... I’ve been bumping it in the car - me and my little three-month-old, we go to coffee dates every morning and I play that song to her, it’s so sweet."

And there's another song on the album, Spaceships, which Grammer sang to his baby girl before she was born: "That’s like, the best bridge I’ve ever written, which is comparing to the womb - which is the world before this world - and wherever you go when you die as the place after.

"As I was singing into the womb to try and let Louie know that she was coming to someone that loves her, I imagined, while I was singing to her, 'Ah, I wonder whether my mom is doing that to me from wherever she's at?'

"She passed away. But that’s such a cool idea."

Grammer admits the new album, which was released in America on Friday (01Dec17), features his most vulnerable and personal songs, including Smoke Clears, which details a health scare.

"It's very autobiographical, about a health scare that happened when we were on vacation in Ireland," he explains. "I fainted in the shower and chipped my tooth and looked like I was having a seizure because I hadn’t slept in like, two years."