Rooftop is a modern rock band from Bahrain, fusing classic hard rock, fusion and pop to ambient and atmospheric music with melodic and expressive vocals.

Drawing their influences from the likes of U2, The Police and The Cure, the band’s sound is designed to uplift and inspire, while being inclined to direct listeners to a state of optimistic bliss.

The band was formed in 2013, when guitarist Ehab persuaded bassist Ali to pick up the bass again after a 10 year long hiatus to collaborate and make music. The search for a drummer didn’t last long when Abdulla came into the picture and completed the trio, thus forming Rooftop. The trio connected instantly as a unit and before they knew it the creative juices flowed in abundance.

Once the music was taken care of, the band was on the lookout for the right front man. After a lot of searching the group met James Morgan who had been active in the local music scene. He had the range, style and creative outlook that the group was looking for. With James, the band worked on developing the song concepts by adding lyrics and melodies, giving the song concepts some much needed depth.

Rooftop soon entered Studio 77 and under the expert tutelage of producer Hani Taqi, their ten-track debut album was recorded. The band enlisted the help of many musicians along the way. Each of the guests played a vital role in giving the tracks, added color and vibe.


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