Carly Rae Jepsen won't ever let her ego play into her songwriting ability.

The Canadian star released album Emotion, boasting single I Really Like You, in June 2015 and in August of last year (16) she unveiled Emotion: Side B, with eight cut tracks from the record.

Her latest material has garnered praise from fans and critics, but Carly doesn't plan to let the compliments go to her head.

"I appreciate it, but I think with every album that I make there always has to be this feeling of just self-satisfaction with it, of just feeling like, I've made music that people really connect to, but you can't really control what the reaction's going to be," she told W magazine. "If you start to feed into how that good that feels or let your ego play into it a bit, I think it can change the way you continue to write. I've always felt like that stuff is nice to pay attention to but also nice to not really feed too much into your own head about, because if people were saying the opposite thing I'd still want to be able to love the album the same way that I do."

One of her songs, Cut to the Feeling, was intended to feature on Side B, but instead, Carly saved it to appear in animated movie Ballerina (known as Leap! in the U.S.), in which she voices former dancer Odette. The singer doesn't regret her decision, insisting the film is the "perfect fit" for the tune.

Discussing how she became a part of the silver screen venture, the 31-year-old explained it was the theatrical side of her that wanted to get involved.

"It was a total trip. It was a really funny experience, being someone who has no experience in this line of work, to be guided by people and take on this specific, very unlike-me character," she smiled.