Rapper Macklemore recently helped his grandmother celebrate her 100th birthday by buying her a lap dance - and filming it for his new music video.

The Thrift Shop hitmaker, who lives in his native Washington, turned up on Grandma Helen's doorstep in Modesto, California last month (Jun17) and surprised her with a day full of activities, granting her every wish.

He was accompanied on the trip by his longtime collaborator, filmmaker Jason Koenig, who captured the family adventure on camera and cut the footage to make up Macklemore's new Glorious promo.

"Today, we're going to do whatever you want to do," he tells his elderly relative at the top of the video.

"Anything?," she replies, quipping, "God, I want to do it all!"

He then escorts Grandma Helen to a waiting car, a gold Cadillac Eldorado, and drives her around the city, checking off each of her requests.

Among their activities included hurling eggs at a house, singing karaoke, hitting up a gaming arcade, stopping by a tattoo parlour, and going shopping, while Macklemore also had to call in a favour as he tracked down a pair of all-white Yeezy Boost sneakers from Kanye West's in-demand Adidas collection, after the birthday girl made it clear she wasn't interested in boring senior footwear.

He then takes her back home, where he had gathered her friends for a surprise party, complete with a hunky male stripper dressed as a firefighter.

The heartwarming video for the song, which features Skylar Grey, ends with Macklemore taking Grandma Helen to a picturesque lake, where they watch the sunset over the water.

Glorious is the first single from his upcoming solo album, his first without his producer partner Ryan Lewis in 12 years.