Pop star Charlie Puth is celebrating the smart phone app he used to record snippets of tunes for his new album by naming it after the handy programme.

The See You Again hitmaker relied heavily on Voice Notes to store his latest song ideas while on the road, recording every little lyric or ditty which came to his mind on his phone.

Every tune on the follow-up to his 2016 debut Nine Track Mind came from his stored recordings, so Charlie decided to pay a special tribute to the app with the title of his forthcoming project, although he is spelling it out all in one word.

"VoiceNotes, the name comes from that little app on your phone," he explained to U.S. breakfast show Today on Friday (30Jun17). "I'm not really good at writing down music, I just have it in my head and it (recording the ditty) needs to be immediate for it to work, so when I came up with (new song) Attention, I was on this train in Tokyo and... I had this in my head and I couldn't get my laptop (out) and make the beat real quick (sic), so I just (performed it in a beatbox style to remember it).

"I wanted it to be this like, kind of disco-y thing, and then I went back to my hotel and made the beat and listened back to the Voice Note (recording). So every song on this album is made from a Voice Note."

A specific release date has yet to be revealed, but Charlie, who is preparing to head out on tour with Shawn Mendes in July (17), promises it will drop before the end of 2017.

"My sophomore album VoiceNotes will be out later this year!," he posted on Twitter following his TV appearance.