Punks Pussy Riot have slammed moviemaker Oliver Stone for interviewing Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, who was jailed for her opposition to Putin, and Katerina Samoutsevitc lashed out at the Natural Born Killers director during an appearance at the Cannes Lions Festival in France on Thursday (22Jun17), insisting Stone made a bad choice in sitting down with the President.

"It was very obvious that he is very comfortable in this position and he doesn’t want any critics," Tolokonnikova said of the Oscar-winner's unlikely friendship with Putin.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, "He's (Stone) a well-known leftist and some Western leftists, unfortunately for me because I'm a leftist, think the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

"I think he's (Putin) part of the global oligarchy and it's pretty weird to me that a person who is supposedly supporting the left like Oliver Stone would interview Vladimir Putin.

"He (Stone) believes that someone should oppose American exceptionalism and American imperialism, and I think so too; I think there are ugly features of American contemporary politics and it wants to be the global policeman starting proxy wars - but that is exactly what Vladimir Putin is doing. He is completely closing his eyes to the facts of inequality in Russia, and he's talking to a man who has made a small circle of his friends billionaires."

Tolokonnikova also blasted Stone for refusing to ask Putin tough questions, revealing she met the director earlier this year (17): "There wasn't really any ground for discussion," she said.

Oliver Stone's four-part miniseries The Putin Interviews debuted on America's Showtime cable network earlier this month (Jun17).