Radio X Drivetime presenter Johnny Vaughan was in for Chris Moyles on Radio X Breakfast when Liam Gallagher came in to chat.

JV: Johnny Vaughan
LG: Liam Gallagher

On wishing Noel happy birthday on Twitter
JV: You sent him [Noel] a nice message for his 50th. Was that hard? Was that through a gritted pen?

LG: Well me mam did tell me to do it. Nah she didn't. I swear to God she didn’t. Nah, I just woke up, you know with all the stuff that went on in Manchester, I woke up and I just thought: ‘You know what? You know, I’m going there. Happy Birthday’. And plus, I wanted to remind everyone he’s an old fart now. You know, the old 1.6m followers. There were people going like that: ‘What? he’s 50?’ I was like that: ‘Indeed. Yes, he is.’

JV: Is that why you really did it? It wasn’t really to say ‘happy birthday, you’re 50’, it was to say ‘he’s 50!’

LG: Yeah, and I’m 44.

JV: And also, you know, if he’s listening he must be really feeling those 6 years now.

LG: Yeah, especially after his mad party an’ that. He gotta have a hangover now. But you know what, I did mean it. He’s my brother, man, and I love him, you know what I mean? As much as we get into all the tittle and tattle and that, you know, I wish him well man.

On his ‘very emotional’ Manchester solo gig
JV: So how did you enjoy being out there playing again?

LG: That gig in Manchester was insane - and obviously very emotional. It happened really quick, you couldn’t hear nothing… so I’m not sure if it was one of our best. But sometimes the emotion comes through, the occasion isn’t about playing great or singing great, it’s just about being there, you know what I mean?

But, I mean, people seemed to like it. It was a mad one. To be fair, it’s hard to enjoy those kind of gigs, do you know what I mean? As much as I enjoyed it, I just wanted to do well, do you know what I mean? I just wanted to get the gig done, and put on a good performance, because of what had happened.

Massive respect for the people that came out, because going to gigs these days, you know… It’s good to just get back on the saddle, not that you’re off the saddle but it’s good to get back in and not stay at home in fear, you know what I mean?

JV: You’ve been down in London for a while, and I guess it’s a real statement of how involved you still are in Manchester.

LG: Mate, well, listen, I live down here in London, I’ve lived down here for 20 years, my kids are down here. My heart’s in Manchester, always will be, I will always be a Manc, as they say.

On preferring being in Oasis than going solo
JV: How do you feel without a band? Because you’re a band man. You front bands. What is it like fronting yourself?

LG: Yeah but I’m not on me own. I’m not stood up there like…

JV: No, no, what I mean is in name. Oasis, and then Beady Eye and now this is you.

LG: Yeah I prefer that. I mean, listen, I mean I prefer to be in Oasis. Let’s get that… We know that. I prefer to be in a band.

JV: You really do, yeah?

LG: Yeah, without a doubt. But that’s not happening, so you can’t sit at home twiddling your thumbs, do you know what I mean? So you’ve got to get out and do what you’ve got to do, you know what I mean? I’m not going to get a job. I guess, I mean I was always going to get back into it but I’ve got a band, man, the band are good but I guess my name is on top of it which suits me fine, man.

On whether he’s playing Glastonbury
Sunta Templeton (The Johnny Vaughan show): Can you tell me, are you going to be playing Glastonbury?
LG: Erm, I’m not sure man. I mean, I’d like to. Yeah, if they ask us, yeah I’ll play it. But I don’t know. I haven’t got a clue.

On why he won’t be making an appearance in the I’m a Celebrity… jungle anytime soon
JV (reading listener question): Glen in Ruislip: ‘Have you ever been asked to do a reality TV show, sort of like The Kardashians?’

LG: No, but I’ve been offered to go on that – they keep ringing me every year, man – that I’m a Celeb…you know the jungle thing? Every year I’m like that: ‘leave it out, mate.’