Mel B's former nanny has reportedly been ordered to stay away from the singer for five years.

The former Spice Girls star previously claimed her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, impregnated child minder Lorraine Gilles and urged her to get an abortion after Mel scoffed at an idea to let her and her child live with them.

On Wednesday (03May17), Mel B's lawyers appeared in court and reportedly presented evidence Gilles allegedly harassed her. According to TMZ, Gilles has been verbally abusive towards the 41-year-old and the restraining order has now been put in place for the next five years.

Last month (Apr17), Mel B alleged Gilles and Belafonte were extorting her with sex tape footage and items locked away in a mysterious storage unit in the former nanny's name. The Wannabe star's lawyers filed for a court order to gain access to the storage locker rented by Gilles, claiming it contains videos and images the nanny and Belafonte threatened to make public to humiliate Mel B.

A judge initially denied her request for the order but granted her a temporary restraining order against her 41-year-old estranged husband, preventing him from distributing the videos in any way. She was also granted a similar order against Gilles, who Mel B fired in January, 2015.

Meanwhile, Gilles is allegedly suing Mel B for defamation over her claims about the pregnancy and abortion and allegations she and Stephen were stealing money from her and had control over sex tapes Mel and Stephen made during their marriage.

The singer filed for divorce from producer Stephen in March (17), claiming that he abused her during their marriage. He has strenuously denied her allegations.