Scottish indie four-piece The View are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album Hats Off To The Buskers with a 10th anniversary limited edition vinyl release for Record Store Day on 22nd April 2017 via Demon.

The debut was originally released via 1965 Records on 22nd January 2007 and hit the number one spot in the UK charts on 28th January 2007, leading to a Mercury Prize nomination that year. The album rode the tail end of the wave left by The Libertines but injected the band’s unique, upbeat observational indie rock filtered through a Scottish perspective, with frontman Kyle Falconer’s signature Dundee accent.

Since their debut, the band have gone on to release five albums in total, 2015’s Ropewalk being their most recent release, produced but The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. and Gus Oberg. The band have been praised for their trademark indie rock style that has matured through their last five releases but has never succumbed to music’s ever changing fashion trends.

"What an album! What a time! Let's do it again!” Falconer said of their decision to release the 10th anniversary edition of their debut, marking a decade of success for the Scots.

The 10th anniversary limited edition vinyl of Hats Off To The Buskers is out 22nd April 2017 via Demon.