Cher refused to accept a role in Moonstruck unless Nicolas Cage was cast alongside her.

The If I Could Turn Back Time singer and Nicolas played lovers in the classic 1987 movie and she explains she knew he was right for the role after their audition together. However, the moviemakers were not convinced.

"I did the screen test with him and they didn't really want him and I said, 'Alright, but then you're not going to get me'," she said on U.S. chat show The Talk on Tuesday (28Feb17).

"I had seen him in Peggy Sue (Got Married) and I just thought, 'He's the guy!' He was great, he was kind of crazy, but he was great," she added.

Cher and Nicolas' chemistry in the movie paid off, and helped the pop superstar land a Best Actress Academy Award in 1988, while Moonstruck also bagged the Best Writing Oscar for John Patrick Shanley and the Best Supporting Actress gong for Olympia Dukakis.

For the past 50 years Cher, who was also nominated for an Oscar in 1984 for her role in Silkwood, has managed to juggle a successful acting career alongside her pop star status. Most recently the 70-year-old was cast in TV movie Flint, about the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan.

The Grammy Award-winning singer is passionate about raising awareness about the crisis and has been standing up for the residents of the city, who have been unable to use running water since 2014, when officials decided to draw water from the Flint River, which has tested positive for lead poisoning.

Deadline reported earlier this year (17) that she heard a Lifetime movie about the crisis was in the works and reached out to the producers expressing an interest in being involved with the project.