John Mayer is a huge fan of U.S. TV show The Bachelor, but ruled out signing up himself in a bid to find love.

The 39-year-old musician opened up about his obsession with the dating programme, which follows hopeful women as they compete to win the heart of a wealthy, single man, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Friday (24Feb17).

However, despite his love of the series, he struggles to make it through the two-hour long episodes - even when they are full of drama.

"I love the show, but it's too much time to ask of me - two hours is a lot of quiet time," he explained. “I’ll pay $50 (£39) if you can show me the entire season in 30 minutes.

"Get me the helicopters, girls crying, girls crying on helicopters. If you get tears in flight on The Bachelor, that is prime stuff."

When Ellen suggested he should sign up, John replied: "I don’t think I would find love there, unless they changed the vetting process for who would be the contestants - I think it would be one of the lowest-rated shows.”

John has previously dated stars including Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, and while he's enjoying being single right now, he did tell Ellen he sometimes misses making plans with someone, adding that driving to somewhere like California’s Big Sur is “depressing” alone.

John also touched upon his new music, having delighted fans with his latest EP, known as Wave Two, earlier this month (Feb17). It follows on from the first EP unveiled last month (Jan17) and is part of the singer's plan to release his new album, The Search for Everything, in different drops.

“I’m doing four songs at a time, I started realising that 12 songs is a big ask for people now because there’s so much content,” he said, adding he took inspiration from some of his favourite musicians who had done the same. “Also not all of them were done, so it was a way to get my deadline hit.”

John is set to tour The Search for Everything from next month (Mar17).