Ed Sheeran spent the first two months of his 2016 hiatus building a secret pub on the grounds of his Suffolk estate.

The singer/songwriter spent much of last year travelling, but before he hit the open road he spent a couple of months at home, cycling around the towns and villages of rural England.

And he also turned a building on his estate into a proper pub with all kinds of ale, so he had a party pad.

"I've built a pub...," he told Apple Music DJ Zane Lowe. "There's an underground tunnel to get there you can close off, so if I have a party everyone goes in the pub and then no one can get in... You have to go underground to get to the pub...

"It was going to be Peter Jackson's house and he's just got loads of secret passageways and underground tunnels..."

And Sheeran admits the pub idea came from his longing to become a dad: "I think it's great, because the problem with my house at the moment is when I have a house party it's all in the house, and if I have kids, I still wanna have mates round and have beers and that."

The Lego House hitmaker told Lowe he started to think seriously about starting a family while he was travelling, adding, "I wanted to be a dad last year. I'm ready. Let's go. I wanna load of tour bus babies."

And he has even planned his future around parenthood, revealing he'll take his kids on the road with him until they start school and then he'll take and "extended break" and work on producing other artists' music from a home studio.

"I think Springsteen took an extended break when his kids went to school," he said. "I think that's gonna be me."

Meanwhile, there's one purchase Sheeran made last year (16) he regrets - a black Aston Martin sportscar.

"I just feel like a t*t in it...," he laughed. "I was watching James Bond and my mates were like, 'You should get one of them', and I was like, 'Maybe I will...'"