Lady Gaga isn’t interested in the business side of the music industry.

The 30-year-old star is one of the most famous singers in the world, with hits such as Paparazzi, Born This Way and Bad Romance under her belt.

But when it comes to her career choice, Gaga is only interested in her art.

“When you become famous or you become a star, there’s all these other things that begin to happen, and you have to work the system – especially in the music industry today, which is so different,” she explained to Britain’s NME magazine. “You’re dealing with this streaming war and it’s an absolute nightmare to witness as an artist because it’s not about music and it’s all about business – and that’s just not who I am at all. At the end of the day, who I really and truly am is a little girl who loved to play the piano.”

Gaga recently released album Joanne – her first since 2013’s Artpop. The former record failed to set the charts alight, and the eccentric star admits she considered quitting after its mediocre performance.

“I was just having a really depressed time in my life where I wasn’t able to see my own ability or my own talent,” she explained. “And when you lose grasp of those sorts of things, you can just spiral. But you know, to the world ‘quitting music’ means one thing and to me it means another. I meant giving up putting out music, as opposed to just doing it for myself, which is what makes me really and truly happy.”

However, after having a long, hard look at her life, Gaga realised that she’s anything but a quitter. In addition, she was determined not to listen to her critics, instead trusting her “own opinion”.

“Not to sound arrogant, because I truly don’t believe I’m an arrogant person, but after selling 80 million records, you gotta kinda go: ‘OK, why the f**k right now would I throw in the towel.'