DJ Khaled credits the powerful love he has for his newborn son with overcoming his constant tiredness.

The 41-year-old music producer and fiancee Nicole Tuck welcomed son Asahd, their first child together, in October (16). And while the seven-week-old tot causes his parents plenty of sleepless nights, Khaled insists he doesn't "have a tired bone" in his body.

"I definitely don’t sleep," Khaled, real name Khaled Mohamed Khaled, said during a Facebook Live chat with website People. "He wakes up every two to three hours and he doesn’t even like being in (his crib). He needs to sleep on Daddy or Mommy, like on the belly. He's been going to sleep with us, and I love it."

And Khaled believes it's the power of his love for his son that prevents the lack of sleep from taking its toll on him.

"But it's like, I'm not tired though," he added. "That's how powerful the love is. I don’t have a tired bone in my body."

Khaled hit headlines when Asahd was born thanks to his decision to document his birth on Snapchat.

The Hold You Down hitmaker blasted tracks from his recent album Major Key in the delivery room as Nicole gave birth and was clearly overcome with emotion, holding back tears as his little boy made his grand entrance.

In the video footage, which showed Khaled beaming from ear-to-ear, the Snapchat king added the caption: "I love you son!!!"

He also posted a clip of his newborn's footprint on his forearm, and added, "My son."

Khaled recently revealed that he is doing his utmost to lose weight, after joining in with Nicole's pregnancy cravings while she was expecting. While Nicole was eating for two, Khaled couldn't resist giving her some moral support, and ended up piling on the pounds.

"Being in the house, she was eating a bunch of ice cream and cookies, I eat it with her (sic)," he recently told of how he gained all the 'sympathy weight' - a term used to describe when a father packs on the pounds along with the expectant mother. "Oh yeah definitely, I gained 20 pounds."