Busted chatted to Free Radio Live backstage at Birmingham’s Genting Arena and joked the honeymoon is already over on their recent reunion and they’re already into the seven year itch!

They also revealed the level of planning and secrecy in getting back together and how they were ‘like spies’ in their operation.

They also revealed regret at not being together to perform at the Olympics which saw the Spice Girls take to the stage in a celebration of British music.

On the honeymoon period being over…already
James said, “Yes, it doesn’t feel , it feels more like a rebirth. We feel like it’s the first album again and it’s…It’s like we’re sort of starting again. The honeymoon period was about a year ago, now, we’re fully in to the seven year itch.”

On getting back together
Matt said, “We did it in secret, so if it hadn’t worked out we’d have been like no-one would have known any other wiser. We flew to Philadelphia on different planes. We all took different flights, we flew at different times of the day, you know, it was very top secret. We were very sneaky. We were, we were like spies. We’re basically spies.”

On not performing at the Olympics
James said, “We should have got our act together quicker”