Singer Joe Jonas prefers to record music with his friends over his family members.

The 27-year-old rose to fame as part of the Jonas Brothers with his siblings Nick and Kevin, but the band split in 2013 and he went on to form the group DNCE, with his pals Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee.

The singer admits the creative process with the Cake By The Ocean hitmakers is so much easier than it was with his brothers because he doesn't feel he has to hold anything back when giving his opinions.

"I think it really helps - not having to sugar-coat anything," he tells TMRW magazine of no longer working with family. "We've all been in situations before where the smallest creative criticism can turn into a huge fight.

"We (DNCE bandmates) are honest with each other and we can communicate in the right way. We're lucky to have each other and just get it. We all support it and together want to make it the best that it can be..."

Joe explains fights with his family would often be more explosive because they were together all the time.

"You add working together and performing together on top of that and it's like, even crazier...," he continues. "There's less pressure (with friends), but where I'm at in my life helps too. I'm older, I make my own decisions. I don't have to think, 'Oh, my parents are in the room, can I say the word f**k in this song?' It feels good to do it this way."

DNCE was formed in 2015, but they initially wanted to keep Joe's involvement a secret.

"Nobody said anything," Cole says. "Nobody said anything about anything. No one knew Joe was working on anything. No one knew anything at all. It was amazing at the beginning, seeing people like, 'Oh DNCE, that crazy new band with the cake song,' and then people realising it was Joe, or me, or any of us. I think right now we've reached a cool medium where everyone's at peace with who we are. DNCE's a new thing that's not gonna go anywhere anytime soon."