Robbie Williams wins quote of the year…”I’m the only person in the world that can say I was in Take That and four out five Spice Girls.”

Robbie Williams was talking to Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on Sydney’s KIIS1065 this morning (Friday).

Williams was talking up his next album ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’, due in November.

Robbie Williams announced the album earlier this week with the sudden release of the title track. A second song ‘Party Like A Russian’ below.

“Heavy Entertainment Show features songs co-written with Guy Chambers, John Grant, Rufus Wainwright, Brandon Flowers/The Killers, Ed Sheeran and Stuart Price – and, from above, Serge Gainsbourg and Sergei Prokofiev.

‘Party Like a Russian’ is the first official single from Heavy Entertainment Show and was co-written with Robbie’s longtime collaborator Guy Chambers.

Robbie Williams performed at the Apple Festival earlier this week in London and performed two songs from ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’, ‘Sensational’ and ‘Motherfucker’.

Robbie Williams, London, September 25, 2016

Main Set
Let Me Entertain You (from Life Thru A Lens, 1997)
Rock DJ (from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
Monsoon (from Escapology, 2002)
Come Undone (from Escapology, 2002)
Back For Good (from Take That’s Nobody Else, 1995)
Minnie The Moocher (from Swings Both Ways, 2013)
Something Stupid (from Swing When You’re Winning, 2001)
Millennium (from I’ve Been Expecting You, 1998)
Better Man (with Pete Williams) (from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
Motherfucker (from Heavy Entertainment Show, 2016)
Old Before I Die (from Life Thru A Lens, 1997)
Strong (from I’ve Been Expecting You, 1998)
Candy (from Take The Crown, 2012)
Feel (from Escapology, 2002)
Whole Lotta Love / Kids (Led Zeppelin cover / from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)

My Way (Paul Anka cover)
Angels (from Life Thru A Lens, 1997)
Sensational (from Heavy Entertainment Show, 2016)