The Cadillac Three have released the video for their latest single ‘This Town Is A Ghost’. Written about the passing of frontman Jaren Johnston’s father in 2022, the deeply personal song details a life marred by the loss of a loved one.

About making the video Johnston says, "As we pulled into probably the most eerie venue in America, I steadied my hand with a cup of coffee on the bus, knowing it would be a long day. The ‘This Town Is A Ghost’ video shoot was me in a haunted pool all day, surrounded by pictures of my father and my life as a kid, while singing the song over and over again. As hard as some of the day was, I found it almost therapeutic, in a way. I was able to get out emotions I hadn't released yet. Luke Hutcherson did a great job capturing how I felt that day. We are really proud of how it came out."

Johnston's father is the late Jerry Ray Johnston, drummer for the Grand Ole Opry and country music band Bandana, for which TC3's current tour is named.