Winning was ‘just a bonus’, says Malta Eurovision winner

Fourth time lucky for 25-year-old singer

It was the fourth time that Christabelle Borg took to the stage to perform at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. But the 25-year-old singer said she was much more relaxed than ever before, because she knew her song had already made an impact on people’s lives.

The young singer, who will now represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Festival in Portugal, won maximum points for her song Taboo on Saturday night.

She said her song has helped people reach out for help.

“I received calls from people who are going through a rough patch, who told me they sought help because they heard my song,” she said. “It would have made an impact if I helped one person, but the fact that so many people said they sought help because they heard my song is overwhelming.”

Taboo seeks to raise awareness on mental health and break the stigma surrounding it. The song got 123 points, winning the highest score from both the foreign jury and televoting.

The singer said that performing well was “just a bonus”. The real victory, she added, was communicating a strong message for mental health.

“I knew my song would leave an impact on people, I just didn’t think it would have such a big influence,” she said.

People going through a rough patch told me they sought help because they heard my song
Ms Borg co-wrote the song with Johnny Sanchez, Thomas G:son (Gustafsson) and Muxu. The song was a reflection on her own experience coming to terms with mental health issues.

“I went through a hard time last year, and it was difficult to speak out,” she said, adding that, like many others, she always wanted to be seen with a smile on her face. Reaching out for help from professionals was the best thing she could have done, she said, adding that she became more positive and in control of her thoughts after speaking up.

The Maltese always want to appear positive and in a good light, she said, but they should not be ashamed to admit when they were going through a hard time.

“This taboo should be broken. People shouldn’t be scared to speak out,” Ms Borg added.

Her message, she insists, is one of hope. “If you seek help, you will find it.”

Music News Malta Editor -- Mr Joseph Portelli