Malta’s top female artist Ira Losco is back at ‘The Hilton’ for her very own Christmas Concert on the 23rd December. Her audience will be reliving memories of her sold out concert at the same venue, ‘The Grand Master Suite’ which had accompanied the release of her first Unplugged Album.

Ira Losco who’s currently working on her upcoming album at Jagged House studios said “ I feel we have a great album in the making. I took on the challenge of a double album because I wanted to do something different which I’ve never done before which coincides with my 15 years in music. The intention was to release it for Christmas but I was missing performing live and I thought it was a good idea to do a good feel concert.”

Sheadded, “ When I’m in a writing stage I’m obviously more sensitive to my surroundings and feel off from it. I sincerely felt there’s too much negativity around us. It’s all understandable with the global current affairs unfolding,but life is also about balance so I opted for a later release beginning of next year and focus on a Christmas concert. Parallel with all this I’ve also had a number of collaboration releases such as the latest one with Fr.Rob and I’ll be having more next year. I can’t wait to share what I’m working on.”

Following a series of concerts, number 1 albums and singles, Ira Losco is also celebrating ‘15 years of music.’ The Christmas Concert promises to celebrate her work throughout the years with a repertoire, which includes some of her greatest hits, some new songs from her much awaited release, as well as some Christmas Classics to add to the festive atmosphere.

Besides an eclectic variety of music, the show will also feature a number of surprises related to her upcoming double album, special guest appearances and many more which will be exclusive only to those attending this concert. The support acts for the night are ‘The New Victorians’ and ‘Joe Roscoe.’

Nigel Camilleri from NnG promotions said, “The 25Euro balcony tickets were sold out in the first 2 days .The 20Euro tickets are still available so far. We foresee a great/fun atmosphere.”The concert is kid friendly with U-16 tickets at half price until tickets are sold out. This show is being brought to you by NnG Promotions and Jagged House.

Doors open at 7pm. are available from

Music News Malta Editor -- Mr Joseph Portelli