Rag’n’Bone Man had time to "live" with the songs on his new album Life By Misadventure before recording them.

The Giant hitmaker is back after three years with his new single, All You Ever Wanted, taken from his upcoming follow-up to his acclaimed 2017 LP Human.

The album was recorded in Nashville with Grammy-winning producer Mike Elizondo, and the singer - real name Rory Graham - said in a press release that having some time between writing the songs and recording them enabled him to hone in on the raw emotion of the lyrics.

"We had quite a time to live with the songs this time around," he explained.

"Too often, how I’d done things before, was that we’d written a song and I had to sing it the same day, and that was the version we’d use on the album. This way, it was far easier to get real emotion into the music."

The artist added that the album's lead single was inspired by his English homeland.

“I’d felt sad looking around Brighton and London where I grew up…remembering all those cool places that aren’t there anymore,” he shared.

Life By Misadventure is released on 23 April. All You Ever Wanted is out now.