The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest Album from Universal Music

Get ready to sparkle, sing, and shimmy because it’s Eurovision time!

The great and the good delivering the highs and lows will be touting their wares at the final of the world’s favourite singing competition on 11th May live from Malmo, Sweden.

Social media will be awash with colourful criticism and ascerbic asides as all the artists from Australia to Switzerland give it their best shot to receive those highly coveted 12 points. And who knows – with the fabulous Olly Alexander representing the UK this year, we could be heading for the top of that infamous scoreboard.

Expect non-stop Euro-tainment as the biggest and boldest performers belt out potential classics and hilariously unforgettable moments. As always Eurovision captivates audiences worldwide with its dazzling display of musical talent, cultural diversity, and eyebrow raising performances. This annual extravaganza, known for bringing nations together through the power of music, once again showcases the best and brightest stars from across Europe and beyond.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by a Hollywood star and an iconic Eurovision-veteran. Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede will together lead the three broadcasts, live from Malmö on May 7, 9 and 11.

As ever, in the run up to the big event, Universal Music release a spectacular album featuring all the 37 songs entered for the competition (Track-listing below). Once again entitled “United By Music”, fans will be spoilt for choice with formats: There’s the ever popular Karaoke version, CDs and a fashionable triple vinyl collection.

From electrifying pop anthems to soulful ballads, the United By Music album features a diverse range of musical genres, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. All performances a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Europe, celebrating the unique heritage and artistic expressions of participating nations.

“United by Music” has been chosen as the permanent slogan for this and future Eurovision Song Contests. It was created by the BBC to demonstrate the unique partnership between the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Host City Liverpool at the 2023 Contest.

Full track-listing (CD version) here:

1. Artist: Besa: TITAN - Eurovision 2024 – Albania
2. Artist: Ladaniva: Jako - Eurovision 2024 – Armenia
3. Artist: Electric Fields: One Milkali (One Blood) - Eurovision 2024 – Australia
4. Artist: Kaleen: We Will Rave - Eurovision 2024 - Austria
5. Artist: Fahree Featuring Ilkin Dovlatov: Özünl? apar - Eurovision 2024 – Azerbaijan
6. Artist: Mustii: Before The Party’s Over - Eurovision 2024 - Belgium
7. Artist: Baby Lasagna: Rim Tim Tagi Dim - Eurovision 2024 - Croatia
8. Artist: Silia Kapsis: Liar - Eurovision 2024 – Cyprus
9. Artist: Aiko: Pedestal - Eurovision 2024 - Czechia
10. Artist: SABA: SAND - Eurovision 2024 - Denmark
11. Artist: 5MIINUST Puuluup:(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi - Eurovision 2024 - Estonia
12. Artist: Windows95Man: No Rules! - Eurovision 2024 - Finland
13. Artist: Slimane: Mon amour - Eurovision 2024 - France
14. Artist: Nutsa: Firefighter - Eurovision 2024 - Georgia
15. Artist: ISAAK: Always on the run - Eurovision 2024 - Germany
16. Artist: Marina Satti: ZARI - Eurovision 2024 - Greece
17. Artist: Hera Björk: Scared Of Heights - Eurovision 2024 - Iceland
18. Artist: Bambie Thug: Doomsday Blue - Eurovision 2024 - Ireland

1. Artist: Eden Golan: Hurricane - Eurovision 2024 - Israel
2. Artist: Angelina Mango: La noia - Eurovision 2024 - Italy
3. Artist: Dons: Hollow - Eurovision 2024 - Latvia
4. Artist: Silvester Belt: Luktelk - Eurovision 2024 - Lithuania
5. Artist: TALI: Fighter - Eurovision 2024 - Luxembourg
6. Artist: Sarah Bonnici: Loop - Eurovision 2024 - Malta
7. Artist: Natalia Barbu: In The Middle - Eurovision 2024 - Moldova
8. Artist: Joost: Europapa - Eurovision 2024 - Netherlands
9. Artist: Gåte: Ulveham - Eurovision 2024 - Norway
10. Artist: LUNA: The Tower - Eurovision 2024 - Poland
11. Artist: iolanda: Grito - Eurovision 2024 - Portugal
12. Artist: Megara: 11:11 - Eurovision 2024 - San Marino
13. Artist: Teya Dora: Ramonda - Eurovision 2024 - Serbia
14. Artist: Raiven: Veronika - Eurovision 2024 - Slovenia
15. Artist: Nebulossa: ZORRA - Eurovision 2024 - Spain
16. Artist: Marcus & Martinus: Unforgettable - Eurovision 2024 - Sweden
17. Artist: Nemo: The Code - Eurovision 2024 - Switzerland
18. Artist: alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil: Teresa & Maria - Eurovision 2024 – Ukraine
19. Artist: Olly Alexander (Years & Years): Dizzy - Eurovision 2024 - United Kingdom

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