Back in London after a summer on the festival circuit, Revere, much like frontman Stephen Ellis’s beard, have clearly grown on the road. Their trademark sound, mixing distorted guitars and synths with haunting vocals and strings, is bigger and more confident than ever. They also know how to work a crowd.

It's all about the build. ‘I Won't Blame You’, the first single off current album ‘My Mirror / Your Target’, is a case in point. Starting off all sexy and slow, it comes into its own in layers, with extra instruments, volume and background visuals turning the song into an experience that goes beyond the music.

‘A Road from a Flood’ is another meaty slow-starter that finishes big, while ‘Fold up Your Flag’ builds to an energetic frenzy in the middle before finishing on a soft, almost melancholy piano break-down. Beautiful.

When the crowd is asked to ‘Keep This Channel Open’ ('on the radio') we're all thinking we'd like to do just that. This, the band's poppiest tune, may not be their best, but it's certainly catchy.

By the time Stephen announces 'We're going to squeeze in some 80s. Everyone OK with the 80s?' he's got the audience in his hand. The room erupts into to Depeche Mode's ‘Enjoy the Silence’. A brunette throws her knickers at the bass player. It's party time.

The highlight of the show is perhaps when Stephen ventures out into the crowd with a searchlight, getting everyone to sing along to 'We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow'. The whole place comes alive once again. And, with the band keeping this momentum going right until ‘Maybe We Should Step Outside’ builds into a big, black, head-banging finish at the end, it's clear Revere will most definitely still be here tomorrow.

I Won’t Blame You
Keep This Channel Open
As the Radars Sleep
Enjoy the Silence
A Road from a Flood
Don’t Look up Hannah
Fold up Your Flag
We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow
These Halcyon Days
Maybe We Should Step Outside