Stop Making Sense Croatia is the perfect festival to experience house and mayhem mixed together into a cocktail of a beach party. The carefully selected DJ's fill each day with music under the big sound of house, but they also mix into techno and even liquid at times.

The four day summer festival which takes place from the first of August to the forth, is situated in-between Split and Zadar in the beautiful Tisno. The festival ground itself is a fully equipped camping site situated on a private beach tucked away from the rest of the world, hidden by the curving coast of Croatia. The location is perfect for any festival as the beautiful Adriatic sea is possibly the best hangover cure after a big night!

Spend the day in the sea or on a boat party sailing around the mythical islands surrounding Tisno, while the likes of Will Saul or San Soda play on deck. When your belly starts to rumble make your way to the many food stalls where there are the best local and fresh foods served. There are enough choices to satisfy any palate from octopus to vegetarian salads.

After a hard day of paradise float fifty meters to the beach stage for the beginning of each night. This is an incredible place to watch the sun set as the music slowly kicks in and gains a pulse. Then once the sun is down the stars shine brighter than imaginable acting as a visualizer for the music.

At twelve the party transfers to Barbarella's, a club which is a short bus ride outside of the camp site which blasts music until six am. Renowned DJ's such as Dixon will fill the weekend with mellow house and funky techno. Session Victim give out their experimental chill but they also give so much energy to their set, maybe these guys are the ones to get up front to really experience their music. You will have no choice but to dance the whole weekend, the music is so funky and addictive that John Talabot pretty much forces you to move your body. If the party gets a bit too much, there is a massage company on the campsite that will ease the pain of the party away, until tomorrows hangover anyway.

Tickets are only 120 pounds which is low for any festival. The accommodation is also as funky as the music. The pod pads company offer a strange range of tents and mini pads, which is worth the price just to be able to look inside the oddly designed pads.

Boredom is not a possibility at SMS. If you fancy something extreme then go on the jet ski's or go diving. Also the local town is only a ten minute walk or a five minute boat ride. The town is idyllic with its long central river splitting it into two sides. You can find anything you need there and all ridiculously cheap. If the crowd is becoming to busy for your liking then you can hire a boat and sail out into the peaceful sea.

Tisno is a dreamy place that fits in with the music as tea does with the English. Also the fact that one pound is equivalent to eight Croatian Kuna is an added bonus. Food is cheap and beer cheaper, it just makes sense... come to Stop Making Sense!