Jessica Frost is a musician from Stockholm, Sweden. To most of the world Jessica is just a face and a name in this every growing music filled. But she is so much more then that. Since she graduated school she has been hard at work on her career.

In April of 2012 Oscar Oz Petersson from Blindfoldead International became Jessica Frost’s manger. They have been hard at recording her songs. Not long after signing they record her first ever-single “Fix This Broken Dream.” So we can except to see more amazing stuff from Jessica as her career grows.

Would you tell us how you got started in the music world? I've always been an artist as in enjoy singing, dancing and to be creative. I've always loved the stage and to preform. However, I didn't study the art of performance until I started high school in Stockholm City. It was around the same time I got in contact with the industry and right after my gruadtiation I joined my first musical project; a girl group in the veins of The Pussycat Dolls. 

Who is your inspiration? Well... any who, anyone... anything really. It might be people I meet on the street, role models, my family, my friends, non-friend, people from my past... it could be anyone, really. It's hard to say what/who inspires you, cuz I mean... life itself is an inspiration. To me it is, at least. 

What was the first song you remember singing? It must have been some children-song of some sort... I've always been singing for as long as I can remember so it must be a common Swedish children-song... or the happy birthday song, maybe? I remember myself singing "Morning Has Broken" and "The Rose" with 2 friends in middle school on a culture-event or something as such that the school arranged for our parents, where we, the kids, performed and showed our paintings and stuff like that. :)

Did you have any favorite musicians you looked up to? I was in the exact right age when Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys and all those artists had their break through, so naturally I've been following their careers and I am to this day a huge fan still of that era of music... and of course the artists as well. 

Have you ever been in a music competition? Actually I went to Los Angeles last summer, 2012, to compete in a pretty big completion over there. I did several castings in Sweden and then I flew over, but unfortenly I didn’t win the actual thing. 

What did you think of the Los Angeles music scene when you came to the U.S. on business? I was so busy with my own performances when I went to LA so I didn't really get the time to see any local acts. But people from all over the globe was in the competition and yeah, there truly was some great acts from the US. Overall, there were many very talented people over there. 

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Well, you can't do anything but you’re very best, so there's really no point in blaming yourself. Nothing good comes out of hitting yourself for failing... like if I miss the key or something like that. You just have to keep going and try your best. Even though you want to, every performance can't be your best one, unfortenly...

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition? Yeah I can get a bit nervous. It doesn't happen a lot but if I haven't been on stage for a while or if there are some special people in the audience, I sure can get nervous. 

What do you feel as you sing? Over all it feels very liberating to sing. It's one of the few times that I'm really in "that very moment", you know. It's kind of like the time stops in a way. It's a bit hard to explain but maybe other people feel the same way? Depending on the song you sing or the message of that particular song, you could naturally feel happy, sad, or whatever you're trying to express. 

Have you ever thought, "This is what life was made for?" Absolutely. I think a lot about the purpose of life, the meaning and. When I'm happy and when I do what I love I often find myself thinking and feeling that "this is what life is made for"... and when I meet and get together with others. I guess I really don’t know what life's meaning is but right now, right here, I believe and act like it's just to be happy. To love, to laugh and to do what you really love doing. 

Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it? I'm really not what you'd call a crier, but I'm easily moved by music. It's like music got some kind of a direct-link to my heart and soul. So yeah, I've definitely been moved to tears by songs. Several times because I've been in a certain situation or I've been feeling the expression of the song and I guess the song made it all so clear, real and intense... and sometimes I've been crying simply because it's been such a well done and beautiful song. 

Do you ever get lost in the music? I often blur in my creativity so in a way I guess I "get lost" in this musical state, so to speak. I know I can be a little hard to reach when I got my head full with all these ideas...

Do you plan to make music for as long as you can? Of course :)

If you could pick anyone who would you like to do a duet with? Ah, a tough choice... but maybe Justin Timberlake? Jason Mraz? Chester Bennington from Linkin Park? Timbaland? Haha, there are so many. But I'd say someone really talented and who’s voice could supplement mine! 

If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life who would it be? Christina Aguilera. Her albums feature so many different styles and she does everything from party-up-tempo to beautiful ballads, all with the same high standard and variation. 

What size venues do you like to play most? I don’t no, really. It's like two different worlds being on a bigger stage or a more intimate small venue... but I can't say I prefer one or another. 

If you weren't a musician. What would you be and why? I think I would be... an actor maybe. I just need to be creative. It's like something's burning inside of me and need to get out in some creative form. I've done some theatre and like it a lot, so... acting would be really fun. If I couldn’t work with a creative job, I'd problebly be working more direct with people - I love to meet people, talk to people, help people, be a part of making the world a better place. Maybe through education of some sort? Or as a social worker.

What do you like to do beside music? As I said earlier, acting is fun... and dancing. I also love to work out! I like movies so when I got some free time or such, I love to watch a great film and just chill. Read, and talk to friends... pretty regular stuff I guess? 

What is it like playing clubs and rnb-territory? It's fun... I like that environment. People go out to have a good time and to dance and drink and meet up with new people. So it's naturally a feel-good-feeling and that helps a lot because automatically you get in a good mood! 

What is it like working with Blindfolded International? It's cool. All great! :)

What is it like having Jonas Lengstrand (The Poodles) and Kevin Ambrose (George Michael) writing your songs? It's pretty cool to be able to get some great songs and make them my own. Jonas and Kevin are really good at what they're doing so it's truly a pleasure for me to make their creations come to life. 

Do you help them in writing your songs? I write a lot and I co-write as well. I haven't published anything of my own material as yet but I am involved in the process. 

What are your goal and dreams for your music career? I want to be able to work as an artist and to get my music out there, released to the world and see how it is received all over the globe. I want to perform in every city that'll have me and hopefully, eventually, be well known and respected for my work. 

Would you say that you and your manager Oscar have become friends though out your music career? Well yeah. He's first and foremost my manager but when you spend a lot of time working together, of course you develop a sort of friendship as well. 

About that, what is it like being the cover model for his own band Osukaru? I've been modeling on and off since I was about 18 and it's great. Like I said, I got this need to be creative and modeling is not that far from acting in a way. It's great to work with people you know and want to support so it's all fun. It's a bit of a challenge as well to step away from yourself and to express something and someone else’s vision for a while. 

What are your thoughts on doing an album? There are definitely planning’s and meetings around and about that area but right now I can't give anything away... but eventually an album would be wonderful of course. 

What age rang would you say your music speaks to? Hm. I would say young-adults in general - the main club-audiens, kind of. But I know a lot of middle-age people that appreciate my type of music as well and I guess that kids could enjoy it too, in their own way. But definitely teens and young-adults for sure. 

Would you say your photos are to reveling for young people to see? No not really. I'm with the opinion that you pretty much could do whatever you want to do as long as you're proud of yourself, you love what you do and don't try to hurt anyone. I love to represent myself in this, a bit revealing, way cuz I like the way I look and I want to live this pop-princess-dream of mine as long as possible. Actually, everyone should be able to relate to that even if it means different things to different people. But I just don't see any harm in posing with underwear or swimwear, as long as you got the right approach to it. :)

From the photos you have done you seem to have a look of longing in your eyes. What where you feeling at the time? I guess I am somewhat of a dreamer. I think a lot about the present and the future. I think it's human nature to long for your life to be better and to feel happy and free etc. I can't remember anything specific that went through my mind during that shoot but I guess I was longing for my career to take off, to get my music out there and to get feedback from listeners all over the world. 

On some photos you wear a black blindfold. That's really cool and quite unique. What's the story behind that? Yeah, that's my manager Oscars kind-of-trademark and I agree with you that it's pretty cool. Really, you should ask him about it, haha, but personally I feel like it could represent several things. For example it could be about the human scenes or it could be about to know yourself and just to "look inside". I don't want to put words in anyone else's mouth because I think everyone has to decide for themselves. but I like that you like it! :)

Growing up did you always want to be a musician or did you have another plain in mind? It has kind of always been music to me. I've had other dreams too but to be an artist has always been my biggest dream. 

What is the meaning behind your songs? I want people to be able to relate to my songs. I want people to feel that it's common and real. Some songs, like "Fix This Broken Dream", is about a break up or a dysfunctional relationship of some sort. Others are just a get-the-party-started-kind of song to jump around to. There are also some a bit more personal songs about my past or different struggles you face in life. To me, the main thing about making music is to express myself and for people to feel less alone in a certain situation or feeling. 

How would you like the world to see you? Like I got a say in what people think of me, haha! No but seriously... I hope that people will see this sweet, caring, strong-headed and hard-working young woman that I see myself as, even though I do commercial music. 

Why do you think you stick out from other artist in your genre? That's a really tough one for me to answer. I'm not sure if I can. One thing that I know is that I just want to do what I want to do and I think I do best in letting other people answering that question. I guess we're all alike yet still unique since we're all different people. 

What is your thought on your fans? They're the BEST! Without the people supporting your work and passion, you wouldn't have a career. So... basically they're the people who help me fulfilling my dream and to live it. I'm so thankful! :)

How did you come to pick your stage name? It was a friend of mine in middle school that came up with "Jessica Frost". I've always known that my birth-name wasn't going to get me somewhere in this industry so I needed more of an international and global name. Also, Jessica Frost is pretty easy to remember and I guess a lot of people do think of the cold weather in Sweden, haha, so I guess it kind of fits? 

Are there any last words you want to tell your fans and the readers? Just that... I could never thank you guys enough for all your love and support! I will always be forever grateful because without you I wouldn’t be able to do what I do... thank you!