King Tut's Summer Nights is now in full swing, celebrating the best new music from around Scotland at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. As I prepare my playlist to DJ tomorrow night at the festival, I caught up with SEED who are set to debut at the legendary King Tuts Summer Nights.

Is this your first time at King Tuts Summer Nights?
Yeah this is every member of the band's first time doing Summers Nights.

Have you played King Tuts before
Yeah we played our first tuts gig back in April to an army of new Seed fans when we launched our Shackland Sessions EP.

What does King Tuts mean to you as a venue?
Tuts is a great venue to play as the bands are well looked after and the gigs run like clockwork from start to finish. Very well organised and a great sound as well. Our bassist Greg has also seen many of his favourite bands at Tuts so gets a wee bit excited when we play there.

How much do you think King Tuts represents the Scottish music scene?
We reckon the bands themselves represent the Scottish scene but Tuts play an important role in giving these bands a platform to be heard as its a step up from the usual venues unsigned bands play.

Describe your sound for those who are not familiar with it?
3 words... Organic Banjo Rock

What can we expect from your set on the 14th?
A melted face and a table selling our Shackland Sessions EP!

Are you familiar with any of the other bands playing on your night?
We gigged with the NK Jays at Craig Mcgee's acoustic nights at Black Sparrow a short while ago so it will be good to catch up with those guys again.

What other bands should fans of new music be looking out for at King Tuts Summer Nights?
Chris knows some of the guys from Randolphs Leap who played T in the Park so that's his recommendation.

What’s next after King Tuts?
After tuts Chris, Houston and James will be playing a rock show at the Edinburgh Festival called The 27 Club. The show runs for the full month of August so we won't be gigging much but we are managing to squeeze in a show for the Edinburgh Fringe on 12th August in The Meadows. In September we are also playing PJ Malloys Autumn Nights festival and playing the Su Casa tent for Live At Troon festival. Details at Writing and recording more tunes is never off our 'to do' list so we shall also be getting involved with that as usual.