How did you all get together?
Four of us (me, Dave, Joe and Carl) have been friends since we were at school and
were all involved in various musical projects throughout our school years. Each one
of us is totally in love with music though we never really thought about
collaborating together. The idea to form a band came a little while after we all
graduated and were bored out of our minds. A drunken conversation one evening in a
local pub gave us the idea and it all snowballed from there. Arrows is our 2nd
incarnation together

When was that?
A lifetime ago :)

When and where was your first gig?
Arrows first gig was last May at Bedford Esquires

What do you all do as day jobs?
Nothing of any importance, the day work varies but the night job remains as
consistent as ever

Have you always wanted to be in a band?

Who are your biggest influences?
We have a myriad of influences across the band that span almost every imaginable
continent and genre but a few artists that unite us all in respect are
Spiritualized, Velvet Underground, Arcade Fire and BRMC

How would you describe your music?
Passionate, and big. Very big

Who writes the songs?
The songs mainly come from jamming so I guess everyone has an equal claim to the
songwriting, even if one person brings an idea in to the fold, by the time its been
run past everyone it's become a very different song to the original concept

What inspires you?
The bigger things in life. Hope, death, redemption and love and it's loss. The times
we live in can be depressing for some people but it makes finding a muse incredibly
easy. Chemicals of various description help too :)

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
Fidel Castro

Wheres your favourite venue to play?
In London it's got to be Koko. The acoustics are amazing and when you look out from
the stage it looks beautiful. Outside of London, we always enjoy going back to
Esquires in Bedford, it's on home ground and sounds good. Nuff said

Whats next for you?
We're about to go into the demo to fianlly complete our ep as we've only done two of
the five tracks we want on there. We're also in talks with a few management
companies and looking to tour Japan early next year. We are also very fortunate to
be collaborating on a few occasions with you guys too

Whats the dream?
To be able to afford to do nothing but make music all day every day until we die.
With enough left aside for jerk chicken and rice & peas once a week from Norman's
caribbean food van in Luton. We can't recommend that place enough