New music is often an inertia and generally uninspiring subject. The majority, writing off the art form unless the said artists have earn’t their place. By either, paying a large PR firm to make them look like the ‘hottest pocket’ or usually just getting a load of pals down to a show.
Neither of the above I’m saying are the right or wrong way of doing things.

But to get the attention of the general population, even friends in this current climate, big names and recognisable folk saying nice words about your band paid or not, is usually the only time these type of people start giving you their time.
Where am I going with this? well its always nice to start on a rant, it makes a change from the lacklustre almost template like articles that fill most of the media today, but to keep it on point, I’m reviewing a new bands single, take time reading this, listen to their music, pay for their music.

That band being Marine, describing themselves as ‘Fable Electric’ the four girls from London Town have just unleashed ‘Red Fruit’, a beautifully crafted dreamy tale where storm clouds loom and waves ebb away.
‘Red Fruit’ starts sliding into a poignant picked guitar progression with such a delicate and sweetness that its almost as if its draped in a silky but sharp sonic fabric. The drums swagger behind, before the ultra soft and dainty vocals drift in like a weary tide.

Weary is the vibe I feel from the first verse, almost describing an old lover or friend, “Sea-dollar pale…Skin like a wish made in pigment and ink, imposter, I’ve seen”. The tale continues to grow with the lyrics “Try to give myself weight, oh how my belly aches! I’m ready to run”, the stress of a bad period in time could enrol in the the loss of appetite. I always enjoy hearing the perceptions of a song from the listener, a song can tell a trillion tales, none of them could be the script, but the loot from a well written song is to be able to create your own from it.

The song erupts in the centre like a rich chocolate molten cake, with violent notes strung and gritty thrown vocals that drift into the lyrics “He’ll keep the keys that he’ll never use! I’ll be a lock until I get a bite of the Red Fruit!”.
The meaning behind “Red Fruit” personally gives me the impression of temptation and sin, a song about lust or seduction at some point, or it could be like the “Adam and Eve forbidden fruit story… Either way I love its secretive and buried meaning.

When Marine described themselves as ‘Fable Electric’ they hit the nail through the wood, with such potential, class and individuality Marine could find themselves inspiring and birthing new talent even at this stage. With the sense of a debut album on the horizon, get yourself a cosy corner, delve into Marine. Bookmarks sold separately.

Catch them live

November 21st - Servant Jazz Quarters - London
November 25th - The Lexington - London