The warmth that awaits you on a winter evening, the darkened room you dimly light with a corner lamp. The smoke smelling air that still lurks in your shadow. The smell of old pages grimacing from your bookcase.
I was earlier trying put my finger on what listening to this EP compares to: little things that help you get through your day, whether your having a bad one, or the little boosts and smiles that arrange on your body and face to make it a better one.

‘Little War’ the latest release from Irish born Singer-Songwriter ‘Spy From Moscow’, beautifully sits in the same category. Layer upon layer of thick clean electric guitar sit under mesmerising vocals you will undoubtedly get lost in.
The title track from this EP starts with just vocals and guitar, slowly building up until the line ‘Because we know that tomorrow, brings another, little war’. Trudging Bass and massaging Drums arrive half way through this song, building up to a masterful Flugelhorn ending.

Following on from ‘Little War’, ‘It Never Comes’, starts with both Drums and Bass guiding a haunting Harmonica piece that looms throughout. The song is so dark and wisp. The vocals steeped in an aurora that melts into the song.
‘Persephone’ starts with the lyrics ‘Couldn't catch the cold if I tried, chased applause for years, could have cried, not an angel hair, not the bride. It'll soon be over, it'll soon be done’. The song rides up and down on waves of emotion. Starting off whisper quiet, then slowly building till it reaches a heavier break half way through before gently winding down in a ‘Massive Attackesque ending’.
The lyrics that wrap around this whole EP have deep caves of emotion engraved into them. ‘Spy From Moscow’s'
voice is timeless, a real investment to your collection.