There is a lot going on in 'The Shadow Realigned'; I guess if you were trying to pigeonhole Godhead's unique approach, it would be an amalgamation of electronic, industrial, metal, goth rock...doesn't exactly roll off of the tongue and it's probably correct to suggest that Godhead is in a league of their own stylistically. But, one thing's for sure, the vision in this album is creative, innovative and crystal clear right from the off.

'The Shadow Realigned' exudes an emphasis on environmental sound rather than instrumentation. A gradual building of atmosphere that invariably culminates in a spiky guitar-led high with Jason Miller's (principal producer and songwriter) understated vocals woven in. This album is a Frankenstein's monster of a creation that comprises of several remixes whipped up by several different producers, so there is a lot of variation from track to track, but each song still has a very recognisable basis of rich synthesis that represents Godhead's calling card.

You're not dealing with amateurs here either - Godhead have great pedigree and experience and they wield it. As far as independent artists go, Godhead have had substantial backing from the elite in the industrial rock industry including touring with the likes of Linkin Park, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. All the above come through in this Godhead album, influencing their music but not making 'The Shadow Realigned' in anyway derivative of any of those influences. Such collaborations have clearly enhanced and honed Godhead's orchestrations, ensuring their originality without spiralling into the depths of alternative ridiculousness.

Frantic, energetic, magnetic and pulsating with attitude, 'The Shadow Realigned' is like none other. Godhead have pulled out all the stops to produce something worth spending a few dollars on iTunes for without the feeling of buyer's remorse and with the promise that you're not paying for only two solid songs.