“Pareidolia” is the strange but meaningful name of the last album released by the independent South-Yorkshire-based label “Of National Importance Records”, that promotes local and talented musical artists.

First thing first, let’s start with a proper explanation of the word “Pareidolia”: it defines a psychological phenomenon where a random stimulus (often sounds and images) are perceived as something significant. That is for the theory. In practice, it is what happens when you see Jesus’ face on your morning toast, a little sheep in a cloud or when you think you can hear messages on a record played backwards.

It is a clever name for the second album released by “Of National Importance Records” as it sums up well the eclectic mix of artists and tracks available. Following up to 2010’s “Things That Aren’t There”, this record gathers six very different bands: The Black Lamps, Aztec Doll, McCarthy Vigil, Imoko Set, Toba Caldera and The Exhibition. A good thing to know is that the artwork was designed by Jamie Briggs, the vocalist of “Imoko Set”.

“Chinese Candle” by McCarthy Vigil is a very sweet tune with nice guitar and a good tempo. If you are after energy, go for “Memento Mori” by The Exhibition, which displays a rockier and edgier sound. If you like a bit of electro, “Crying in the Temple” (Imoko Set) should do the trick with its eerie chorus and the enjoyable keyboard performance.

This whole album, from the tracks, to the recordings, to the artwork gives a true feeling of a home made product and, sometimes, it is just very pleasant and overwhelming to go back to the roots. Full of discoveries and talent, this album is a must-listen!