Seeing a new Kimmie Rhodes album in my postbag always fills my heart with great anticipation, She is a wonderful singer, expressive and tuneful and her songwriting is quite remarkable – the number of her songs that have been covered by the Country greats is incredible and if they ever put an album of Kimmie Kovers together it will encompass just about every strain of Country from C&W to Outlaw and the rest.

This though is something unexpected, even for a hardcore Kimmie fan like myself.
Since seeing her good friend Willie Nelson opening packages containing platinum discs of his Xmas song Ms Rhodes decided to write a holiday song every year and this is a new production of them.

Her voice is perfect; whispery and reverent while her range is in that high range perfect for worshipful music and by and large all of the songs have the perfect timbre and tempo for Xmas and the holiday period.
The backing music is beautifully played andher son, Gabriel Rhodes, has done a super job with the production but the overall impression is just too much sweetness
A small helping of Christmas cake is delicious but too much make you feel bilious and each song here is an absolute treat but 12 of them, one after the other, is simply too much. There really isn’t a single number here that is less than wonderful and I will cherish the individual tracks here but I think that I will be rationing them.