Kimmie Rhodes is a feisty and supremely confident singer and she has built her career in the same way – Sunbird is her own label and the albums that this best of represent have mainly been self produced – no-ones puppet!

She really can deliver though – she just didn’t ever want to be part of someone else’s plan – and this album features 14 slices of absolutely excellent C&W with Rhodes solo and duetting with some of the top names in Nashville.

Waylon Jennings on 'Maybe We’ll Just Disappear’ or Willie Nelson on 'Love Me Like A Song’ both allow Kimmie to show off her vocal skills without being overshadowed by her co-stars and when she joins forces with Emmylou Harris on 'Love And Happiness For You’ the results are magical.

Her solo performances are equally fine with 'Big Ol Train’ and or 'West Texas Heavan’ showing off her sweetly melancholic vocals to their best.

The closer 'Windblown’ is small and inward looking and leaves you astonished at how intense a simple song can become.

Kimmie Rhodes has been doing this for more than ten years and while she doesn’t have the fame of some of her peers she is every bit the consummate singer and songwriter and anyone who likes Country & Western should catch up now because this is class in abundance.