I’ve seen Brave Rival live three times and every time I have come away a little more impressed. To say I’ve been looking forward to the release of this album is a bit of an understatement.
Unfortunately, due to Covid, the album, which should have been recorded in 2020, has only recently been taken through the process but it seems as though the wait was worth it – this is a great album from the opening notes of ‘Heart Attack’ to the fadeout at the end of the title track and has been stuck to my player since I got it.

On the face of it, the only thing that really sets them apart from many other up and coming rockers is the use of two lead singers, both female. But the sheer attack and joy that is in their music is completely invigorating and the quality of their playing is stunning. They rock like beasts and the Blues at the soul of their sound is strong and powerful. The songs are well written and suit their style perfectly and the whole package is brilliant.

The band consists of guitarist Ed Clarke, bass player Billy Dedman, drums from Donna Peters and the lead vocal attack of Chloe Josephine and Lindsey Bonnick. The redoubtable Jonny Henderson (Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield, Boom Band, Elles Bailey) was brought in on keyboards (I suspect he may be added for future live dates as he adds a massive element to a few of the songs) and the whole package was produced by debutante producer Tarrant Shepherd, an up-and-coming maestro of the control room who cut his teeth with Brit Award winning producer Greg Haver and award- winning multi-platinum producer and engineer Clint Murphy.

Frankly, there isn’t a standout track – every track deserves attention and, frankly, kicks ass.
‘Heart Attack’ is a monster single, ‘Run And Hide’ is moody and powerful, ‘Life’s Machine’ is dark, beautiful and deeply emotional and ‘Break Me’ (always a live favourite) is a superb ballad with a fabulous solo from Ed.

My top ten list is getting pretty near to full already and adding this one is taking it over the top but it deserves it because it is a stunning album and really hasn’t a weakness.