Jimmy Regal & The Royals make some stirring R&B but they have ability to stray well outside the ‘normal’ boundaries and make music that is faintly reminiscent of Dr Feelgood but also strays into Capt. Beefheart territory while still making music that fits into the Blues mainstream.

Joff Watkins vocals and harp playing have developed over the last few years and in combination with guitarist C.J. Williams and Sammy Samuels on drums the quality of the music on offer is superb. This time around Chris Rand has added some sax playing on the title track and Toby Kinder supplies his keys on ‘Ain’t Done Yet’ and ‘Mickey Two Suits’. There is also a special guest in Djabel Cissokho who plays some gorgeous Kora alongside Joff’s harp on ‘Don’t Cry No More’.

The title track has a wonderful skittering rhythm and vocals punctuated by Rand’s sax as they sing of a life on the road.

‘Mickey Two Suits’ is a hard driving instrumental built around Joff Watkin’s furious harp. Funky as hell and with some sterling keyboards, the title refers to a legendary character who was banned from the Herne Hill Tavern – itself a legendary drinking hole, sadly no more.

‘Way To Lose’ is a haunting Blues with rumbling percussion, a delightful guitar riff and wailing harp creating a huge soundscape. It is creepy, dense and has a macabre beauty about it.

My favourite number is probably ‘Can’t Cry No More’, a re-recording of a number from their last album, this time acoustic. Djabel Cissokho added his parts remotely but they fit in delightfully here, the Kora working well with the harmonica and Cissokho’s vocals harmonising perfectly with Joff’s vocals.

If you are into R&B, this is one of the best roots releases this year. I must have played it through a dozen times and it still sounds as fresh as ever.