What a departure from Elles Bailey’s normal style! Yet somehow, with that smoky and understated vocal, it is quintessential Bailey.

That same smoky voice, the same perfectly sung vocals but all within a belter of a track that hits the aural road like a Nox fed Camaro with a driving rhythm that just doesn’t let up.

Awesome guitar from Joe Wilkins, tons of screaming slide and a great riff as well as a great solo, the wonderful Jonny Henderson on Hammond and backed up by Matthew Waer on bass and Matthew Jones on drums. The backing vocals give the song a wonderful summer feel courtesy of Izo Fitzroy, Jade Elliot & Andrusilla Mosely.

It's a feel good single that just drives you around the room like a dancing fool, big soppy grin on your face and dashing back to the machine to cue it up again as soon as its finished.

Very different from Elles but really, really good.