Troy Redfern’s latest single is positively anthemic.
Huge soundscape, massed chorus and utterly steeped in the Blues.

Redfern is a unique performer. He looks like no-one else in the game at the moment with his long hair, beard and Dobro and he plays like no-one else either laying down huge pieces of music with guitars performing as they were never designed for.

This single, from his album ‘The Fire Cosmic’, has an almost Beatles-esque feel to it and his guitar playing is absolutely electrifying but it is the way that number builds from a simple Dobro line and core vocal through a massive drum beat suddenly overlaying and adding until it just fills the room that really makes my hair stand on ed.
Paul Winstanley’s production is incredible, Darby Todd’s drums are just huge and Dave Marks bass holds the centre and it is the wailing guitar that holds the listener and I’ll be hearing that screaming riff for days.