for KING & COUNTRY bring the world together on latest anthem, ‘RELATE’.

The duo who brought us hits like ‘Together’ and the Dolly Parton-feature ‘God Only Knows’ might just be the perfect ones to perform a song all about overcoming our differences to stand together as members of the human race.

‘I don’t know what it’s like to be you, you don’t know what it’s like to be me, but what if we’re all the same in different kinds of ways, can you relate?’

Beautifully poetic lyricism is combined with the band’s characteristically upbeat synth- and piano-work, interspersed with the sort of harmonies only for KING & COUNTRY could make sound so effortless.

‘RELATE’ comes hot on the heels of a massive year for the Americana-tinged pop pair, who re-released their beloved album Burn The Ships, as well as embarked on what little touring they could manage in the wake of the pandemic. This new single therefore feels like a kind of triumph for KING & COUNTRY - celebrating a huge year and looking forward to what new music the rest of 2021 will bring.

It’s only fitting that this song is a tribute to people from all walks of life, all coming together again after so long apart. Unity and community is something championed by for KING & COUNTRY, and now we can celebrate it with them.

‘RELATE’ is out now.

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