German-born and of German and Ghanaian descent, singer-songwriter sV is something of a globe-trotter, having lived in Accra, New York and London. He's also worked in China, producing music for local artists. "Singing and dancing are my deepest passion and my biggest joy,” he states, and it seems that they have been from an early age. “Musical instruments,” he adds, “have a special place in my heart, they give voice to the voiceless and are limitless in emotions.” This, then, is a thoughtful and serious artist, but what of the music?

“Questions (Can U)” unfurls on a wave of gentle piano, which echoes as if from great distance. sV packs a wealth of emotion into the track, a slow-burning affair which progresses against an interesting back-drop of crackling sounds and curious tones. Multi-tracked vocals turn back in on themselves, creating feedback loops. Delicate bowed strings bring depth and sorrow. All in all, “Questions (Can U)” makes for an intriguing listen. It will be fascinating to see where sV journeys next.