There's an interesting backstory to this release from electronic duo Danny Eagle and Carlos Perez-Carracedo. Producer Eagle has a long history in the underground music scene, both in the UK and Spain, running the Redrum Speakeasy in Shoreditch and the Lounge On The Lake Festival. Carlos Perez-Carracedo, who contributes lyrics and co-production, holds degrees in neuroscience and mind management. The pair describe their joint musical project (perhaps 'vision' is a better word) as 'spiritual chill music.'

Que Bonita plays up to its Spanish title, opening with flamenco guitar runs before a deep thumping bass-drum sets the pace. Those Spanish guitar adornments continue to flutter around the edges as hand-drums and synth add both colour and width. This is upbeat, chill dance music without pretension. Production is bright and breezy. Eagle and Perez-Carracedo conjure enough subtle touches and changes in texture to keep you listening. That Mediterranean vibe flows throughout a generous eight-minute runtime. Fans of the genre will find much to enjoy here. It's a track which sets out to do a job and does it well.