London-based newcomer Freddie Long has quickly built a grassroots following, amassing a million streams each for his first two EPs ‘These Darker Days’ and ‘Blessed Or Cursed’ and then another million alone for his most recent single ‘The Nowhere Times’. Complemented by mounting critical acclaim plus shows for The Great Escape and BBC Introducing, Freddie Long today releases his brand new single ‘In Your Arms’. It’s released via his own Banana Split Records label, with distribution from Sony.

Music News caught up with Freddie to find out more...

Tell us about your new single ‘In Your Arms.

‘In Your Arms’ is the first single from my upcoming EP ‘Motion’. It feels kinda crazy to release this one. After a tough few years it feels amazing to get back to releasing music again. I’m really excited about this next project.

It's a rousing celebration of love released on Banana Split Records, are you happy to get personal in your song writing?

100%. Sounds kinda cheesy but for me music is my way of letting out emotions/ feelings. It’s a place I feel comfortable to share what’s going on around me.

You wrote and produced ‘In Your Arms’ with Anders Hojer, best known for his work with James Arthur, how did that come about?

So we got introduced by my manager around November last year. I was excited to work with Anders as I’ve heard his previous work and had a feeling we would share similar interests with music etc. Straight away we clicked and the first session ‘In Your Arms’ was created. Joe Smithson, guitarist in my live setup was also in the session, there was a great energy in the room.

The cover art shows you in clothing you created alongside contemporary fashion innovator Charli Cohen, I know you are serious about fashion, is it another career path for you?

Was great collaborating with Charli Cohen on this project. We have known each other for a few years, so to be able to work together and create these limited one-of-one clothing was a great experience. I find fashion a great way to express yourself and there’s no limits, which I love. Who knows where it could go, it’s something I’ve thought about but at the moment music is my focus. Although I am working on a merch collection right now.

When can we expect an album?

Most likely next year, which is crazy. Never thought I’d be saying that.

You are getting onto more and more playlists as word spreads, if you had to sum up your style how would you do it?

I know... It's crazy to see so many people adding it. I take inspiration from a lot of different styles but if I had to label it I would say Indie Pop.

What are your musical ambitions?

Release music that connects with people and play around the world. Playing live is definitely my favourite part about being a musician, so I’m excited to build on that over the next few years.

Who are your heroes in music?

To list a few - James Brown, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, Linkin Park, Queen and more. I wouldn't say there's anyone in particular.

When were you first bitten by the musical bug?

I grew up with music always on around the house which was my first memory of thinking about what it must feel like to be a musician.

For someone that hasn’t come across you yet what three songs would you say check these out they sum me up?

I Fall Apart - Post Malone
Therefore I am - Billie Eilish
Misery Business - Paramore

Many thanks!