The Jonah Medal’s debut single ‘Septembering’ fuses old-school influences to say something new about the melancholy of middle age.

Irish singer-songwriter Bjorn Ballie has taken inspiration from his years on the road as the front man for 00s piano rock band La Rocca. The result sees the Wicklow-born man questioning himself, and the listener, using September as a metaphor for your forties.

It incorporates the matters of travel, existence, and answers. It’s about coming back and holding it together, regardless of age and responsibilities, in a time when it feels like everyone has lost their way sometimes.

When Bjorn sings “You haven’t lost your way, you’ve got to wait for it”, over the top of a simple acoustic melody, it feels instantly enjoyable, and eternal.

The Jonah Medal was founded in Brighton, and ‘Septembering’ was part recorded in Nick Cave’s studio there. The song was also partially made in Laurel Canyon, an important centre for American music since the 1960s.

‘Septembering’ takes the heart of the likes of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, and reboots it for a modern audience.
The music video showcases epic scenery as well as being a moving ode to the joy of music, live or in a recording studio.

‘Septembering’ embraces the art of the familiar, and crafts something new with old school influences. Bjorn seems more than up to his new musical challenge, and it leaves high hopes for The Jonah Medal’s coming months.