Electro pop duo Pls Pls Me have released their new single 'Water Torture.' It's a dark, powerful and infectious song that you'll be humming in your head all day. Music-News got the exciting chance to interview the band to discuss their new single and more!

So tell us - Who is in Pls Pls Me and what instruments do you each play?

We are a queer indie duo – two best friends who met in Austin Texas then later moved to NYC. We are a songwriting team. We both sing, write all the songs together, and tagteam on the instruments. Jessie grew up playing drums and a little jazz piano, while Jimi grew up singing in a choir and playing acoustic guitar.And we’re both known to throw down on synth, electric guitar, percussion, and the drum machine to trigger loops.

How did you originally meet?

We met through Jessie’s roommate at the time, Sydney Wright. She’s incredible, rock ‘n roll royalty in Austin. Jimi was going to 5 open mics a week, and Sydney did sound at one. She heard Jimi sing then asked him to come over and write a song – so essentially we met in Jessie’s kitchen one fateful afternoon.

Who and what are your musical influences?

As a duo we can’t help but love other duos like Sylvan Esso, The XX, Sleigh bells, Phantogram. Jimi loves all things Charli XCX and dreams of writing with them one day. Jessie also has a thing for women with sexy voices – H.E.R., HAIM, and King Princess are current favs. We are always looking for and sharing new music to stay inspired.

Your new single 'Water Torture' is a very powerful tune. How did it come together and what message do you hope to get across?

We never expected to write a song about Trump, but that’s exactly who this “love song” is for. The lyrics speak for themselves so we’d rather you hear ‘em for yourself. Jimi was scrolling through Insta one day. That’s how he found Noams, a NY producer with online tips on how to be a better creator. After hearing 30 seconds of this instrumental, Jimi was inspired to write a song over it… so we reached out to Noams and gave it a go. This is our fastest production to date, having written, recorded, and released this song in under a month.

There’s a few messages to it: 1 is that the last 4 years have been traumatic and music is our way of surviving and purging that negativity. 2 is that we really hope a new day is coming for this country.

What's on the horizon for Pls Pls Me?

Well our 2nd EP, produced by Sarah Jaffe, an artist we rrrreally love, will come out this summer. And we’re hoping to release a special cover for Valentine’s Day, with Lauren Kidd, another amazing queer artist. And we hope everyone will get the vaccine once it’s available so we can see everyone in person, again, and get back to the thing we love most – playing shows.

How can we find you online?

PlsPlsMe.nyc is our website. but we’d also love people to check out our Spotify and Instagram… and our last music video.

Photo credit: Jason Leavy