Sean Taylor wears his heart very clearly on his sleeve. His Left Wing orientation, his internationalist stance and his support for causes all combine to make listening to his music an occasionally uncomfortable activity.
But, what he says in his music is very much from the heart and is coupled with compelling musical narrative. It ain’t always easy but it is a good listen.

He is equally strident calling out Boris Johnson (Boris The Butcher in ‘Herd Immunity’) or Donald Trump, detailing the myriad actions against Black Americans over the years (‘Black Lives Matter’) or Israel’s existence (‘Palestine’) but the gently jazz-tinged music that sits behind his spoken poetry in quietly beautiful.

The title track is an instrumental that evokes a sense of silence and emptiness while trilling piano suggests the turmoil of those caught in isolation – probably the best evocation I have heard of 2020’s main event in our lives.

You can enjoy the music behind his poetry but you cannot avoid the strength in his poetry.

An exceptional album but not for the faint hearted.