If you are fan of smoky voiced soul singers singing classic Blues with just a piano backing then this should be right up your street.

Emma Wilson has a fabulous voice, beautiful tone and vibrato and a presence that is tangible. The four songs on this EP are all classics but she manages to make them completely fresh and new – not an easy feat. It strays a long way from her usual persona as a lead singer in a Blues/rock band but seems to be the best fit for her voice.

Aretha Franklin’s ‘Dr Feelgood’ has probably been one of her most often covered songs but Ms Wilson basically covers it naturally, accompanied by Dean Stockdale on piano, with just a touch of sleazy sassiness and her sultry tones, making it her own.
‘Today I Sing The Blues’ (Curtis Lewis) has a sense of down at heart depression and when she sings “today, I’m singing the Blues” really makes you feel it. No pretentiousness or fakery in her voice – just natural.
‘Sunday Kind Of Love’ has a gospel edged feel to it with George Hall accompanying on piano, that just about has you picking up the phone to offer your services.
Blind Willie Johnson gifted the world ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ and I have lost track of the number of Blues/rock versions I’ve heard, not to mention versions by the likes of the Grateful Dead, Ry Cooder, Nina Simone, but Emma Wilson takes it right back to it’s origins as a gospel Blues and owns her version.

A lady with a wonderful voice singing in a natural manner, nothing here not to like